Nanotechnology: Simply defined, nano-science is the study of unique properties of matter that occur at the nanoscale (lengths of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers - or one billionth of a meter). Our coatings, sealers and treatments tap into this science by utilizing very unique chemistry which is substantially different than routine urethanes, epoxies, siloxanes & silicones (see SOTA Science tab for more info)

SOTA protective coatings create a chemical bond to the host substrate which provides superior protection over traditional topical products. Unlike conventional polymer coatings, SOTA’s hyper dense HYBRID nanotech coatings are not simply mixed blends of inorganic and organic components. Our unique process reorganizes the organic polymer chains and chemically bonds them within the inorganic lattice structure. A completely integrated lattice matrix results and retains the best properties of each while eliminating virtually all of the less desirable properties of the components when taken individually. This cross-linking feature is the back bone to the success achieved in protecting numerous surfaces and substrates which span across an array of industries. Through this bonding process, the treated surface becomes exceptionally hard and provides robust performance by fusing with the substrate and filling many “voids” at the nanometer level which conventional coatings do not provide. Asset protection, efficient return-to-service time, ability to recoat, optical clarity, hydrophobic, oleo phobic, corrosion protection, heat resistance, excellent adhesion, extremely hard coating properties (abrasion resistance) and other superior attributes of SOTA chemistry positively enhances return-on-investment (ROI) across many industries by protecting a multitude of surfaces. These coatings not only protect the host substrate, but can also serve as a “topcoat for topcoats” by providing extended performance and added qualities to the underlying topcoat.


SOTA protective coatings, sealers and treatments can eliminate the need to subject your maintenance personnel to harsh chemicals to clean and maintain the surfaces. Environmentally sound products are formulated through utilizing the principles of green chemistry so most SOTA coatings, sealers and many treatments meet or exceed the SCAQMD VOC air quality standards (the toughest in the USA) and do not contain any no known carcinogens under California’s Prop 65. Additionally, our products are non-bio-accumulative.